Simple Alpaca Earwarmer/ Headband

I created this simple double seed stitch pattern to showcase small samples of hand-dyed yarns.  The texture of the stitch helps create some elasticity in this headband/earwarmer.  Once completed, it can be adjusted during joining to have the ends meet, or overlap with a button or flower.

Yarn: Cree-Ah's Breath from Hampden Hills Alpacas

Needles: Size 6 needles (I tend to knit on the tighter side of standard gauge, if you tend towards the looser side, I would go down a needle size.)

Cast on 96 stitches using a long-tail or other elastic cast-on.

Row 1-3: Knit all stitches

Row 4 & 5:  *K2, P2* repeat to end of row

Row 6 & 7: *P2, K2* repeat to end of row (this switches the ribbing or 'seed')

Rows 8-19: repeat rows 4-7

Rows 20 & 21: *K2, P2* repeat to end of row

Row 22-25: Knit all stitches and bind off loosely

Measure fabric to your head, and join at seams, or overlap and connect with a button or flower.  100% alpaca has a tendency to grow or stretch over time, and you may find a need to readjust the seam over time.  The stitch here will give the item some stretch and rebound.

Finished length: 20" (stretches to be worn at 24" circumference)

If you measure your head and would like to decrease the size to avoid overlap, decrease by multiples of 4.